Shish Industries Limited

Shish Industries Limited is one of the leading PP corrugated sheet Manufacturer, supplier & Exporter Group in India. We have developed many product using Corrugated PP Sheet. We Shish Industries are launching new generation of 5 Ply (Layer) Plastic Corrugated sheets first time in the World with Patent registration in India. We manufacture the best Quality Of Corrugated PP Sheets.

Quality Control

We are renowned in the industry as a quality centric organization, which follows each & every rule defined by the industry. In order to maintain strict quality standards, we have developed a stringent quality procedure that is rigorously followed at each step of entire process.

Our Mission

Our Roadmap starts with our mission, It declares our purpose as a company and serves as the standard against which we weigh our actions and decisions. We are committed in creating products to suit local as well as international standards.

Our Vision

We aim to offer our valued customers high-quality solutions at affordable rates to help them enjoy their life to the fullest. Our vision is to earn a global name in the industry through our innovative and modern products designed with advanced technology. We will achieve this goal by exceeding customer expectations in terms of quality, product price and after sales services.

Shish Industries Limited

Shish Industries Limited are the leading manufacturing & exporter of plastic corrugated sheets, and are leading in this industry for more than 3 years. Shish Industries are launching new generation of 5 Ply (Layer) Plastic corrugated sheets first time in the world with patent registration in india. The company machines for manufacturing best quality Plastic corrugated boards.

Shish 'Saffguard' & 'Stagguard' are twin wall or Multi Wall Boards made from Plastic resin bought from world's best manufacturer. These sheets are light weight and cost effective solution that can easily be mounted many ways due to its versatality. Plastic corrugated sheets are flexible and as well as tough to use in various industries and application like Construction, Advertising, Packaging, Storage and Signage.


Air Bubble Film For Greenhouse

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We produce a hot film for greenhouses - this is a great and inexpensive alternative to the usual polyethylene film, glass and corrugated plastic. The film has excellent thermal properties, it saves you up to 40% on heating costs. Significantly advances the unheated greenhouses and extends the growing season.


Bags of ABF & Laminates

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We produce bags up to 2m in width of the film with air bubbles and various laminates. | Air bubble film + Kraft paper | Air bubble film + Foam film | Air bubble film + Aluminium Film Etc.

Air Bubble KraftPaper Envelopes

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Air Bubble Kraft Paper Envelopes for: Courier Envelopes Jewellery Items Glassware CD Protection & for Various other small items.